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Trump Latest Updates | Everything You Need to Know About His 2024 Presidential Bid (+ Merchandise, Memes, and More!)

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On November 15, 2022, former President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced his campaign for a second non-consecutive presidential term in a speech at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump told a crowd gathered at Mar-a-Lago, his waterfront estate in Florida, where his campaign will be headquartered.  

After months of speculation, Trump announced his candidacy for president in a November 15, 2022, speech to supporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Surrounded by advisers, allies, and conservative influencers, Trump delivered a relatively subdued speech. 

His announcement received wide media coverage and a mixed response from both Democrats and Republicans. Some Democrats warily welcomed the campaign, viewing Trump as beatable, while others opposed it, citing negative effects it could have on U.S. democracy. Some Republicans, consisting mostly of Trump loyalists, welcomed the campaign, while others opposed it, viewing Trump as a weak and beatable candidate who had lost the Republicans the past several election cycles. If Trump’s run succeeds, he would break Biden’s record as the oldest candidate ever to be elected to the presidency.

Want to stay updated with what’s going on in Trump’s 2024 presidential bid? Here’s everything you need to know! We also include fun memes, Trump merchandise you can buy, and more!

Trump 2024 Campaign

The 2024 United States presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. It will be the first presidential election after electoral votes are redistributed according to the post-2020 census reapportionment. Incumbent president Joe Biden stated in January 2022 his intent to run for reelection to a second term, with Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate. As of December 2022, Biden has not yet committed to a reelection campaign. 

After repeatedly suggesting he would run, former president Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president for a second nonconsecutive term on November 15, 2022.

On November 15, 2022, Trump announced his candidacy at Mar-a-Lago in an hour-long speech. The announcement came one week after the election in which Trump-endorsed House candidates underperformed non-Trump-endorsed candidates by seven percentage points. His announcement speech was “full of exaggerated and false talking points” and at least “20 false and misleading claims”, uttering the first inaccurate claim “about two minutes in and a few minutes later, tick(ing) off at least four hyperbolic claims about his own accomplishments”.The New York Times Fact Check stated that “Mr. Trump repeated many familiar exaggerations about his own achievements, reiterated misleading attacks on political opponents, and made dire assessments that were at odds with reality.”

A number of Republican officials at both federal and state levels were quick to endorse Trump’s candidacy, while others were noted for being silent on the question, with a few stating opposition.

Gaslighting America

After all the scandals that Trump has been involved in, why do so many people continue to support him? With his rants on Twitter, full send podcast Trump, Trump rule 34, and other lies and fabrications, why do people still look up to him? 

In her book, “Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us, author Amanda Carpenter reveals a shocking truth: Donald Trump’s lies and fabrications don’t horrify America—they enthrall us—and explains how we can avoid falling for them.

In Gaslighting America, Carpenter breaks down Trump’s formula, showing why it’s practically foolproof, playing his victims, the media, the Democrats, and the Republican fence-sitters perfectly. She traces how this tactic started with Nixon, gained traction with Bill Clinton, and exploded under Trump. If you think Trump is driving you crazy, it’s because he is. Now, in this urgent book, she explains how to withstand the fire.

Where some people see lies, Trump’s fierce followers see something different. A commitment to winning at all costs; there is nothing he could say that would erode their support at long as it’s in the name of taking down his political enemies.

His opponents on the left and right continue to act as if his fake narratives and conspiracy theories will bring him down, when in fact, they are the ruses that raised him up.

As a conservative former staffer to a competing presidential campaign, Amanda Carpenter witnessed her fellow Republicans fall in line behind Trump. As a political commentator, she was publicly smeared by one of his supporters on live television without a shred of evidence supporting the allegations. Slowly, she watched her entire party succumb to Trump and become defenders of his tactics, and Gaslighting America may be the only hope to bring them back to reality.

The United States of Trump: How the President Really Sees America

Trump is never afraid to speak his mind – be that on Twitter, on the full send podcast Trump, or in front of cameras. The same can be said about his family too – just check out Trump Jr Twitter and you’ll find out the same thing about his eldest son. 

But, what does Trump really think about America? 

In his book, The United States of Trump: How the President Really Sees America, author Bill O’Reilly offers an up-to-the-minute, intimate view of the man and his sphere of influence – of “how Donald Trump’s view of America was formed, and how it has changed since becoming the most powerful person in the world” – from a writer who has known the president for thirty years. This is an unprecedented, gripping account of the life of a sitting president as he makes history. 

Readers around the world have been enthralled by journalist and New York Times bestselling author Bill O’Reilly’s Killing series―riveting works of nonfiction that explore the most famous events in history. Now, O’Reilly turns his razor-sharp observations to his most compelling subject thus far―President Donald J. Trump. In this thrilling narrative, O’Reilly blends primary, never-before-released interview material with a history that recounts Trump’s childhood and family and the factors from his life and career that forged the worldview that the president of the United States has taken to the White House.

Trump Polls Today

So, how do polls today look like?

Two separate polls showed DeSantis surging ahead of Trump in head-to-head scenarios for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. A USA Today-Suffolk University poll found that 56% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters prefer DeSantis, while only 33% would support Trump. Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal poll also found DeSantis leading Trump among likely Republican voters 52% to 38%.

A major poll showed Trump trailing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) by a wide margin in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up with perhaps his most formidable potential primary opponent. And a self-described “major announcement” from Trump drew eye rolls after it was revealed to be a new way for the president to make money by selling digital trading cards with his likeness.

The landscape is unlikely to get any better for Trump in the coming days, with the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot set to release its final report and announce criminal referrals targeting Trump and his allies.

While it’s unlikely Trump and DeSantis would be the only two candidates for voters to choose from, the polls showed concrete evidence of the former president’s potentially loosening grip on the GOP in the weeks since he announced his third White House campaign.

Official Trump Card

Did you know? Donald Trump announced $99 digital trading card NFTs! The edition of 45,000 Official Trump Card NFTs features the former president in various fantasy costumes and poses. It will be minted on Polygon.

According to the collection’s website, the Trump Digital Trading Cards feature images of the president in a style similar to collectible baseball cards. The tokens, minted on Polygon, cost $99 and can be purchased with ether (ETH) or in fiat currency.

At the end of the checkout process, customers are prompted to choose how many Trump Trading Cards they want to purchase. The pop-up promotes a guaranteed ticket to a gala dinner with Trump for purchasing 45 NFTs at once. This would cost a customer $4455. Collectors who purchase one of the digital trading cards will be automatically entered into a “sweepstakes” to receive experiences with Trump, including a zoom call, a dinner in Miami or a cocktail hour at Mar-a-Lago. The trading cards will have rarity traits from one-of-ones to “2, 5, 7, or 10 copies. No Trump Digital Trading Card will have more than 20 copies in existence” according to the site.

The site also features a promotional video from Trump, in which he declares “Each card comes with an automatic chance to win amazing prizes like dinner with me. I don’t know if it’s an amazing prize but it’s what we have.”

Trump Memes

Former President Donald Trump loves the camera – but the camera doesn’t always love him back, as these hilarious mocking memes proves. Whether you’re looking for trump acquittal memes, trump acquittal meme, trump acquitted meme, trump maga king meme, bye trump meme, or trump myspace meme – here’s a collection of Trump memes to check out!

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Trump Latest News

If you’re looking for Trump latest news, you’re in the right place! As of December 19, here’s everything that’s going on with the former president.

According to NBC News, the House Jan. 6 committee met Sunday to finalize its plans to issue at least three criminal referrals for former President Donald Trump. The committee, gathering publicly Monday, is expected to vote on referrals asking the Justice Department to pursue at least three criminal charges against Trump related to the Capitol riot: obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the government and inciting or assisting an insurrection.

The criminal referrals carry no official legal weight, and it remains up to the Justice Department to decide whether or not to charge Trump and anyone else the committee might refer.

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Donald Trump has weighed in on the contentious battle confronting GOP leader Kevin McCarthy in his bid to be the chamber’s next speaker, with the former president calling on his supporters in Congress to halt their opposition tactics against McCarthy and stop “playing a very dangerous game.”

“Look, I think this: Kevin has worked very hard. I think he deserves the shot,” Trump said Friday in an interview with Breitbart News. “Hopefully he’s going to be very strong and going to be very good and he’s going to do what everybody wants.” The former president cited the scenario from 2015, when then-House Speaker John Boehner resigned after clashes with conservative GOP hard-liners and was then replaced by Paul Ryan.

Read more.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, an outspoken Republican critic of former President Donald Trump, said Sunday that Trump’s early 2024 re-election announcement has fast-tracked potential GOP challengers’ time frames for declaring their own bids. In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Hutchinson said Trump has “accelerated everyone’s time frame” after he launched a campaign last month to reclaim the Oval Office.

Hutchinson, who is leaving the gubernatorial office next month and mulling a 2024 presidential campaign, said he expects he’ll make a decision in the “first part” of 2023.

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