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This Elite Body Sculpture Reviews is from someone who is not totally satisfied with the result after she underwent an  Elite Body Sculpture procedure.

You may watch and listen to this video or just simply read its non-edited transcript.

Raw Video (Non-Edited) Transcript of Elite Body Sculpture Reviews Video

Hey welcome back to my channel.

Today’s video is going to be an update to my three-month air scalp video.

I got air sculpt out of my arms.

I’m covering them for a reason you guy because my arms are huge, I don’t like them I told you guys that in my other video during my three-month post-op took you guys along with me.

Um, and yeah, so this appointment is going to be a follow-up to that it’s been six months that’s when the results are supposed to show entirely.

Um, last time I went, they said I didn’t have enough fat to take out more if I even if I did want to. So today I’m going there to talk to my doctor about it and really just see if I can do it again because it’s huge.

I’m not happy with it.

I’m not even showing it because it’s so bad.

But yeah so I’m gonna take you guys along with me hopefully in there but if not I’ll follow up with you guys afterwards, and I am so late.

So yeah, let’s go.

All right I am finally here and I am going inside I’m really nervous so I’m gonna try to take you guys along with me yeah, let’s go okay.

So i am back from my appointment um i waited an hour so I was a little frustrated, but um, yeah, so when I talked to Dr. Machete, he did tell me that, um, he took out as much as he could, and I’m a little frustrated, because I’m really not happy with them.

But he did say that if he did take out more than I pretty much would look botched, which I get, because, I did see, I have seen pictures before people that, um, have gotten like regular liposuction done, and it looks really lumpy and gross.

So I trust that he knows what he’s talking about but I, I would be lying if i said that I wasn’t a little disappointed.

I did talk to him about scarring and asked when the scars will completely go away and he said just to use the silicone sheets, which I have been doing it takes about a full year to fully like go away.

So I’m waiting on that another six months for that and i guess I’ll just do what i can in between but yeah I’m really just bummed out about the arm situation.

Um, I don’t know i mean i guess i was expecting more going into it that’s why I’m so disappointed.

But i guess I just wish this was i could have this conversation with him beforehand.

So, I knew what i was getting into.

So, if you are getting it done, um, or if you’re thinking about getting it done, I would highly recommend having a consultation with the actual doctor, not the nurse, not the receptionist, or whatever.

Like to actually, have a actually have an appointment with the doctor that would be performing a procedure, is the best thing you could do, because they could actually look and feel on what you want to remove.

And, then they can like tell you what’s possible if you can actually, if they can achieve the goal that you want.

So yeah, that’s what i would recommend.

Um, I guess I’ll just hit the gym even more now.

I did at 45 for a long time after the procedure to get the most of my results but i feel like I started to look really like bulky, because I had barely any fat, and it was all muscle, and at 45 there’s a lot, of um, weight training.

So, i cancelled my membership and now I’m doing Pilates and doing more cardio um on top of Pilates and i guess now I’m just gonna like ramp it up, so that i can get the results that I really want.

But yeah, they showed me the before and after pictures from before the procedure and now and kind of put it side by side and they’re going to email them to me too so I’ll probably put a picture up.

Here, if I’m not too embarrassed to do so um but yeah that’s that’s pretty much it, um but yeah, so and it is what it is.

But a lot of you guys have been in the comments um or have messaged me about you, um, thinking about doing air sculpt or have generic scalp.

Before i haven’t followed up with you guys, so if you guys could let me know what your um, what your experience was in the comments, I’m really interested to know if you guys had a different experience especially with arms, because I understand that like the doctor was explaining to me, that there is a fine line between like taking out too much and taking out just enough, you know.

So yeah, let me know please I’m really interested but yeah that’s about it i hope you guys found this video helpful and i will see you in my next one bye guys.

End of Raw Video (Non-Edited) Transcript of Elite Body Sculpture Reviews Video

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