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Do Soulmates Look Alike?

If you’re wondering ‘do soulmates look alike’ – and why couples start to look similar throughout the years, this article is for you!

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Soulmates are said to have matching souls. But, do soulmates look alike too?

In this article, we discuss reasons why some couples start to look alike throughout the years.

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Do Soulmates Look Alike? Possible Reasons Why

Have you noticed a resemblance between a couple?

And we don’t just mean romantic couples – maybe you notice friends or acquaintances looking alike, too (after all, there are many different types of soulmates).

This phenomenon has gained so much attention that people now play “Siblings or Dating” games on various social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube.

But, why is it that people tend to date those who look like themselves?

Why do soulmates look alike? Below, we list 5 reasons that soulmates look alike:

  1. Ingroup biases. One of the biggest factors as to why soulmates look-alike is ingroup biases, such as same-race preferences in dating.

    Research has found that same-race preferences in dating are motivated by different factors, including perceptions of similarity, social network approval, and perceived physical attractiveness.
  • Number of years together. Robert Zanjonc, an American social psychologist, compared photographs of couples on their wedding day vs. photos taken 25 years later.

    Zanjonc’s study showed that even if a husband and wife had no facial similarities at all, some 25 years later they looked surprisingly alike.

    Another cool fact from his survey: the more marital happiness a couple reported, the greater their increase in facial resemblance.
  • Familiarity effect. According to studies, we’re typically attracted to those who have facial similarities with us – it’s known as assortative mating – and it is another factor as to why do soulmates look alike.

    Assortative mating is a theory that suggests that individuals with similar phenotypes mate with one another more frequently.

    If the two of you look alike, chances are your child will look a lot like both of you.

    Scientists believe this is how individuals try to maximally pass on their genes to the next generation.
  • Sexual imprinting. In addition to being attracted to those who have facial similarities with us, people may unknowingly seek the face of their parents.

    Researchers suggest that young children often learn what a desirable partner should look like through a process known as sexual imprinting – that is, parents may model for their children what their future partner should look like.
  • Body type. While many studies focus on facial similarities between couples, body type is another important factor in resemblance.

    In fact, studies have found that spouses are similar in their weight, body mass index, and height.

    This resemblance in body type may result from preferences for those who are similar or from shared lifestyles (in the case of weight).

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The Bottom Line

Simply put, people tend to find soulmates who are very similar to themselves.

People tend to find similarities in not just their thoughts or beliefs but also in their dressing style, eating habits, and other lifestyle habits.

So yes, soulmates tend to look alike.

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